im so pissed

no really, I AM!! Every single thing on my comp got deleted. Sites. Pictures. Games. MSN. You name it. Everything. Now I gotta start over. And whats worse is that I cant install programs without getting my father to go on admin and do it for me. Im not 5, I can do it myself thank you very much!

Talk about invasion of privacy.

Hooooooooooshit. 62nd Chappy...

I just realised I dont even post in my own journal...kay, wtf. So...I'm not gonna start trying. If that's what anyone was hoping. *stare* So anyway.

We're on the 62nd chapter...62nd...62ND!!! Do you know how many that is? That's like...31+31=62! That's like...WHOA!! And man! Has anyone READ IT?!?! Hold on while I just squee, ok people?


Wait, that wasnt a squee. >_> That was a fit. My bad. By the way, what triggered that...was Royai. =3 I just realised how much I love it..AND HOW MUCH IT JUST BURNED A WHOLE THROUGH MY HEART!!!

Roy and Riza have no gone their serperate ways...aaaah *sniff*.

Fin. *gets flattened by Chapter 62*
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Dear Diary, (how do you spell that, I wonder...)

Exams sucked. I havnt got the results yet know how sometimes you just get thoughs weird feelin's...well, it hit me that I actually did crap. yeah, no studying. Thats me. I never study, if I do, its not properly, and I just sleep this ma books in front of me.

Its Sunday today. Nothing much has been happening but...well, my sisters, who are both 10 on to 11 have totally hi-jacked my computer. Not right now, they're asleep, so nows ma change to do some crap. They're up with the whole Maple Story thing. and now they've discovered Im dead.

Note to self = Put more entries in, in the future, it can sometimes be fun.
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teh_jellyness = fm_fangirl

Back from Japan today! God, it was so cold...but i got heaps fo kool anime stuff...couldnt find and Royai much does that suck? And it also snowed while we up there...Im to lazy to say anymore.